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J Chrstian Connett
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the 514 studio


Started in January 2020, The 514 Studio is home to Appropriately Inappropriate, the weekly 18+ Live Stream Video show featuring myself and my Brother Che.  Appropriately Inappropriate features crazy stories, weird things we find interesting, and over the top antics that only Brothers can create. 

Check out our show on The 514 Studio, streaming LIVE every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm CT on Facebook & YouTube

The 514 Studio is also home other live stream shows.  Live streams include: Bloody Marys, Brunch, & Bad Hair on Sundays @ 11:00am CT; Devour Iowa on Wednesdays @ 7:00pm CT; and That’s What She Said, He Said on Friday’s @ 7:00pm CT. Go Now


professional musician

Rock, Pop, Acoustic, Country & Electronic

Music is my passion, and a professional ‘hobby’ that I have been enjoying for over 30 years. I have played in groups such as ViViD, MoTh, & bodyFurnace, as well as solo work and film scoring.  I have composed and performed music for films by 5490 Studios & Global View Productions. 

I have appeared in numerous commercials for KCWI, Scott’s Automotive, Iowa Attorney General, and more.  I have also performed voiceovers for television and radio commercials.  

public speaking

professional workshops & speaking engagements

FUNCTIONAL efficiency

interpersonal relationships

self awareness

cognitive behavior

self discovery

From christian


I began playing and loving music at a young age. But I had little outlet, other than the piano at school. What started as tinkering in the 3rd grade, eventually developed into a career spanning many years, genres, and formats. 
The same could be said about writing.  I wrote my first stories in Middle school, had my first feature at the age of 18, and published my first book in 2005. 
I am fortunate to be able to continue playing music, and have around 8 albums under my belt, as well as 4 books that have been professionally published. 
More to come… 

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